Eat Out: Ginger and White, Hampstead

Eating breakfast out is one of those little luxuries that I rarely afford myself. Back when I lived in Rome last year, it was an almost daily occurrence. Every morning, I’d walk down my apartment building’s three flights of stairs, out into the busy piazza and straight to my favourite cafe, about 10 metres away from my front door. There, at the bar, I’d order ‘un cappuccio e un cornetto,’  a cappuccino and a filled croissant; sometimes with crema, sometimes with marmellatta, but most often with Nutella.

Standing at the bar, stirring and sipping my frothy coffee, I would watch the Italians go about their busy mornings, and attempt to understand what on earth they were saying. This little ritual of mine is probably one of the things I miss the most about my time in Rome…

Breakfast at Ginger & White

Breakfast at Ginger & White

… which is why, on Tuesday morning, I decided to treat myself. Continue reading